November 5th - The International Day of the Roma Language (Declaration)

Declaration on The International Day of the Roma Language

During the international conference on the Romani language, held in Zagreb (Croatia) November 3-5th, 2009, the participants, linguists, scholars, as well as the leaders of Roma organisations of 15 countries, have collectively taken the following decisions outlined in this letter. This conference was initiated by the International Romani Union and the "Kali Sara" organization in Croatia.

1. The 5th of November is to be declared the International Day of the Romani language
This decision was unanimously taken by the participants of this congress.

There are more than 12 million Roma living in Europe, often under difficult conditions. We are witnessing an increased racism and nationalism aimed against our culture and language.

In these circumstances we fear that our language, a most important part of our identity and culture, might be forgotten among Roma and non Roma alike.

We want that:

1. Romani language becomes an internationally recognized European language
2. Romani language is respected and supported in all countries in accordance with the Charter of Regional and Minority Languages.
3. Countries should give financial support to projects promoting and supporting the Romani language and culture.
4. European Institutions and Roma Organisations should monitor together the projects on Romanes and on Roma culture.
5. The 5th of November should become the International day of the Romani Language.

Under the name of all participants

Stanislaw Stankievicz -Stahiro, President of the International Romani Union
Veliko Kajtazi, President of the Kali Sara Organisation